rim obeid

Designing an auction house for the “elite” in Achrafieh challenges the idea of right to the city and its architectural democracy. In an urban fabric progressively being dominated by soaring towers, the project questions the idea of the high-rise as well as the exclusivity of an “auction”. Thus, the design decides to cater to local emerging furniture designers & craftsmen (working hand), the residents & visitors of the neighborhood (middle class), as well as the norm furniture enthusiasts & collectors (bourgeoisie).
The volume of the whole is therefore subdivided into three main sections. The first being grounded spaces withholding the furniture workshops along with the services and break spaces, shared with the visitors. The second being semi floating spaces compromising the exhibition and lounge spaces with an articulated social infrastructure, offering a new dimension for void inhabitation. The third being the hovering auction spaces, standing on thin steel columns supported by beams and bracing.
This evolution from working to buying spaces provides an interesting human experience evolving from an observer, participator, client, player to buyer. 

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