tutor | issam barhouche

Winery & Hospitality project in Dlebta

After the selection of Dlebta as one of the nicest villages of Lebanon and following the emerging local wineries in Lebanon and all the activities that goes around it in the rural and eco-tourism field, we asked the students to develop a project around the hospitality theme, allocating a medium scale winery run by the community, a public restaurant and a boutique hotel.
The plot location was selected by the students after 3 weeks of site analysis. We end it up having 4 plots, most of them were very close to the center of the village. One common constraint was to deal with a considerable steep relief, something not common yet to the class.
The challenge of the project was to create a contemporary architectural dialogue between the new project and the built environment, dealing with all public aspects of the village like the old existing houses, the central piazza, the water source, the new municipality building and many others features.
The program was spread over a total built up area of 1500m2 for the following activities:
A Winery, a theme restaurant, a wine boutique, an accommodation for 15 units with all related service areas.

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