Dania Ahmad Taghleb   Massa Mourad

An unfamiliar social group residing in Lebanon is the nomadic people known as Doms (or Roma in Europe). Even though the Doms have a rich historical and cultural heritage that manifests itself in dance, music and poetry, their identity is shrouded beneath harsh living conditions.

Through introducing the Doms into the performing arts field, which in itself is overlooked as trivial, they are given a chance to spread their culture, while adding to the Lebanese performing arts scene.The temporary nature of both the nomadic Doms and performance artists is reflected in the choice of sitethe abandoned Mar Mikhael train station: it signifies movement and change, serving as a venue for events across the years. Moving elements on the existing train tracks, and lightweight structures that hold house flexible temporary housing units, make the project a center for change and adaptability with several functions hosted within.

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