marc el onaissi

Nora was known as a major crossroad dedicated to the goddess Tanit, with particular influence on daily lives and the relation towards the landscape.  The project revives this ancient role, reintroducing the way of life, the paths, the movements and the relations between Phoenicians and landscape. The revived historic paths are divided into 2 entities:

The 1st  entity is composed of the physical paths on the peninsula itself varying between different civilizations:

-the Phoenician route, related to the goddess Tanit and translated by a continuous wall which addresses the landscape

-the Roman route characterized by the aqueducts translated as a homage to the roman engineering skills with an introduction of water.

-the Nuraghi route, characterized by the usage of straw materials, translated by transparency to nature.

The 2nd entity connects history and present times by a boat dock placed in the project to revive the historical maritime routes.

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