razan hijazi   nour tabet  rebecca daou

On October 17, 2019, people took the streets of Lebanon, revolting against its corrupt system with Beirut being the heart of the revolution. Acting as prominent platforms for the protests, six main areas were studied. The Raouche was chosen to be further investigated, responding to one of the people’s main concerns: reclaiming public space. “The Cliffhanger” presents itself as a purely public space in direct contrast with the cafes that overtake the coast. “Porous” acts as a large-scale and purely public intervention as a form of protest against the privatized hotels and resorts spread along the shoreline of Lebanon. “The Hub”, a permanent platform for the diverse talents displayed on the streets of the revolution, acts as an all-accepting space where people from various backgrounds can express themselves, defying what society portrays as taboo.   As for “The Plug-Ins”, the play in vertical and horizontal platforms creates interactive spaces that induces communication and encourages pedestrian and bike friendly modes of transportation.

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