nour hassoun   lama younes   mohamad moghrabi

Horsh Beirut 2.0 is an experimental socio-political project whose main purpose is to reclaim one of Beirut’s last green spaces – Horsh Beirut. With an analysis of the evolution of this once-vast forest, mopatterns of sectarian, economic, legal, & authoritarian exploitation were observed. These divisions between the Horsh’s areas (like the Main Triangle and Hippodrome), as well as the lack of access into them, has made this public space almost completely vacant. The temporary intervention, therefore, attempts to take advantage of the bleed-in of urbanization into the legal boundaries of Horsh Beirut to solve this dilemma by utilizing much of the area’s hidden opportunities – environmental interventions, areas of cultural interest, centralization of sports activities, areas with high concentrations of cemeteries, or other “Hot Zones”. Therefore, the elevated intervention provides a network that offers horizontal and vertical pod transportation, with drop offs into one of these hot zones, in which pavilions are erected with the goal of decreasing the effects of classism, sectarianism, & legal exploitation in a once-public area.

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