mayssa abou jawdeh

After thorough studies of the chosen area, the elements and characteristic that were found have created a problematic. A concentration and quantity of physical and social “edges”. This area has isolated itself from beyond those edges (especially the green belt, which shows a strong typological and social disparity) and from farther away cities. In addition to this clear obstruction, the dominant age group being of old age, the area will soon start to “degrade” along the old generation, which will almost create a future state with no value, no life.
Bringing disparate societies together through architecture, the project consists of 2 programs, so that it tackles as many of the stated area problematics as possible. The first program, an Art Hub, is ideal for attracting individuals from all ages and backgrounds, a great alternative towards revival. The second program, Housing units, is the perfect project to drag people, especially young couples, into the city. Affordable and of ideal scale, this part of the program aims at not only having a temporarily use of the site, but also a permanent use, as well as providing a comfortable lifestyle.

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