tutor | maroun el-daccache


The Final Year projects reveal a dialogue between public and private space, which are dedicated to urban and architectural conditions of degraded areas in Beirut city.
Our research focused on the “transformations” that took place over time to understand what were the values of “collective spaces” and “private” ones for this particular community. This repertoire of “urban vocabulary”, due to the movements of the inhabitants, was analyzed to better understand the relationship between “urban places” and “architectural spaces”.
These “limits” of spaces put into question the relationship between the political space of the city and the private space of the citizen.
The political space of the area is imposed on infrastructure, entire services and the clarity of the master plan, while the private space is readable through the abusive movements and changes that have completed the architectural aspect of the neighborhood. These elements called “urban values” that have been acquired from the public space, become the collective action of the population. In this sense the “collective spaces” for the inhabitants of the areas intervention are considered a legitimate act of the community that are configured with the extension of their homes to the outside; i.e. the extension of the ground floor to the streets, the social entertainment to the stairs, the playground towards the urban voids between the buildings, the parking to the residues of urban regulations, the communication to the balconies… This repertoire of urban elements that reflects the transformation and movements of everyday life and the dialogue between things and people, becomes the main reference for the project development.

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