georges eid

Beirut, once an area for everyone with its freedom of speech, culture, and entertainment evolved to become an unfortunate result of its wars and tragic events. What remains now is only a story of what once was people’s home and refuge which in turn created feelings of detachment and pessimism in its populace, as few are those who are hopeful of what might happen in the near future. What the Lebanese youth require is a space for them, a space which can give them hope, a Safe Space.

The research began with a thorough study of the borderline areas in Beirut and their political, social, and architectural consequences, and how these borderlines can be transformed into connectors which serve all people regardless of race, sect, or gender. The project comprises a Montessori Technical School for teaching children skills and crafts needed in their area, an Innovation Hub and Tower aimed at empowering young adults to start their own businesses and an underground nightlife venue where people from different backgrounds join hands and forget their differences. The different functions are situated at different levels and stem from an underground monolith which combines different activities in the same place thus giving people the sense that they are part of a larger community.

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