Transportation Hub Inner Beirut: Compositions & Ruptures

marwa mansour

Two ruptures in infrastructure exist at the peripheries of the area. The first one which is Beirut Central District which is to be named the economic hub of the city. The second is a roundabout from Beirut to the South where it acts as a transition between the two. In between, is a series of compositions from Bachoura to Madine el Ryadeyye area? This exploration has facilitated ideas of playfulness and deconstruction of compositions such as: The people have chosen the Cola area as their crucial drop off to take another bus or taxi to reach their homes, work, or even to travel around. The node becomes suitable for the born of a new transportation hub that activates the market, camp , and the residual spaces under the space. The creation new transportation system allows clean transitions to the north and the south, hence, connecting inner Beirut to the rest of the city and the country. The hub also includes a co-living hostel that serves passengers in need to stay in the city. In addition, the hub is self-sufficient and sustainable allowing it to become a powerful landmark for the whole Cola area in Beirut.

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