tutors | sandra al-richany & ramzi mezher


Advancements in the medical field allow us to live longer and thus, die slower. Death is always thought of  us a loss. We dread death and we mostly do not know how to deal with it. This studio will attempt to envision how we can live out our final days together, with dignity.  We assume that only then can emerging communities gain equity, inclusivity and spatial identity in new geographies. Thematics that may be explored include rebirth, reconstruction, afterlife and burials and/or may address natural or human-made disasters that potentially affect the ways we will die. Health, conflict and sustainability within the city are at the forefront, especially in a context of widening political divides and growing economic inequalities. Despite a rather grim reality, our agendas remain optimistic. The year 2020 has often been referred to as a milestone on the path to a better future, yet death is still understood as a moment rather than a transformation. By maneuvering in contextual rooms within the already build fabric, we are able to dream up fantastical visions of possibilities.

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