elsa abdallah

The neighborhood of Nabaa located in Bourj Hammoud, yet isolated from it, is a highly dense and poor area with few residual spaces left. Its high density results in a chaotic grid network, more specifically 3 grids intersecting together at one point in the heart of the neighborhood. This break resulting from the irregularity of the network happens to be a triangular shaped urban block with a strategic location having on one side a main road, and on the other side the Nabaa market that is the main attraction point of the area. The urban block is a residual space by itself, being disconnected from its surrounding road network, and holding several problematics such as the contrast between new and old residential buildings, an irregular layout of old buildings, several unused alleys, and an empty plot in the middle of the block. Therefore, a regeneration of the whole block is needed in order for it to be more connected internally as well as with its surrounding. The project fits in its context following the same scale, skyline, and pattern of the surrounding buildings, even using some of their architectural features leaving a sense of familiarity for the users. Building in such a context also means understanding its lacks and improving it as a community. A technical school and a craft center would help the uneducated youth and the unemployed adults improve their education and skills in order to work in the market and develop its economy. Public spaces such as a proper square, playful areas for the kids and ground floor areas throughout the block are enhanced through vibrant colors bringing people together, and turning this once-dead urban block into an attractive space.

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