Retrieving public domain:
reclaiming Mdawar’s original waterfront

jad nehme

The urban condition of Mdawar as an isolated urban island between Charles Helou Highway and Beirut Port turned it into a highly privatized industrial area. Reviving the area has led to pick a residual land at the entrance of Mdawar that is neither being used by the city nor by Beirut Port: a no Man’s Land. The project would complement other small interventions in Mdawar in an attempt to attract people. Acting as an Open-House Art Initiative, it is a place where artists and young talents work and exhibit while interacting with the public. By providing an array of adaptable program within a flexible structure, it is intended for the local art community to take ownership of it and use it as an Incubator for Talent, where both public and private functions are carefully interconnected to allow maximum interaction between visitors and residents.

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