tutors | marwan zouein & layal merhi


The events taking place in the country in these past months have prompted students to examine the way our society interact collectively with the built and the non-built environment. The role of the architect is being questioned in the same way that the traditional image of the politician is being rejected. People are protesting in public places against the government, in front of buildings that represent what they are fighting for or against. Our society is in need of new buildings and spaces that can accommodate a modern administration and new civic and public spaces for the population to participate in the re-construction of the living-together. The studio understands urban phenomena as collectively generated processes that involve inhabitants, institutions, public bodies, social movements, producers and users. The project for the city should be that of a perpetual experimentation, an unfinished process confronting the static and frozen image of the built landscape that surround us. The urban context we imagine is a place of interaction, a generator of desires, open, shared, expendable and adaptable. In that sense, the public realm should act as a facilitator for exchange and become the place for the “occasion“ to occur, the trigger for creative production. In this context, the projects presented here participate of the desire to reimagine our public spaces, our civic buildings and the use we make of them, in order to promote a society in which we can interact and exchange as citizens.

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