Centre for Nationhood and political awareness

liliana halawani

Lebanon’s political system is in disarray due to the lack of proper political actions vital for Democracy to function; this governmental operative paralysis and social divisions are casting their shadow on contested spaces in the public sphere.  Moreover, the citizens’ ignorance of their rights and duties is due to the absence of proper civic education and political awareness in social and educational structures. The purpose of this project is to create a centre that introduces political initiation for citizens so to be involved in the political development of their country; it also introduces a special court for citizens to supervise and prosecute their representatives. Architecturally, the project defies established typologies of public and governmental buildings by inverting the relationship between the user and the building, between inside and outside, below and above. To foster and maintain a scope of unity, the project explores the possibilities of interactive spaces, in-between spaces of negotiations and self-expression.

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