karim kantari

Live? Together? First one should understand what makes a person alive:  the discovery of something new be it a place a person a system or even a pattern in everyday life. Second, there should be an understanding of the notion of “togetherness”: a one living unified community, connected physically, mentally and culturally, working all together as a single force for the benefit of our present and future existence.Located in a strategic location, Quarantina is ironically so disconnected and abandoned,  serving as a liminal phase between the port and the city; this role can be preserved but yet modified so that a social and communal aspect can be morphed within its industrial character. When looking into the area one cannot overlook the imposing presence of the port: the program serves in reducing the chaotic hurdles of the port, so to implement an Auction House in the most strategic location depending on the analytical reading of the area.       

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