zein ali ahmad

Karantina is currently overwhelmed by the industrial and governmental sectors barricading the whole district, isolating it from its surroundings.. In this context,  Senegal street has many abandoned structures located between a church and a park, acting as a link between the two largest residential clusters in the district. The proposed cultural intervention aims at reactivating community functions previously abandoned, providing social spaces, and bringing people of all religious sects and backgrounds together. This is achieved through small urban scale interventions (sidewalk width, shading structures, benches, pedestrian friendly street) and several architectural interventions using existing structures:  the abandoned warehouse as a flexible venue space,  the empty residual plots to house exhibition spaces, library, co-working spaces, cafes and restaurants with outdoor plazas and performance spaces scattered between the buildings with indirect alleys and courtyards. This will blend the urban fabric so to revitalize Senegal street and eventually the whole district.

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