tutor | salim boulos

Road to Virtuosity: Nurturing the creativity within

“… Space captured by the imagination cannot remain indifferent space subject to the measure and reflection of geometry. It is lived. And it is lived not in its positivity, but with all the partialities of the imagination.” Gaston Bachelard, Poetics of Spaces.
This design studio is a continuity and an application of the process of spatial implementation exploring different representational models and tools to communicate various ideas.
The first part of the studio was dedicated to the analysis of an existing reference of a medium-sized project as a theoretical background for their next step.
In the second part of the studio, the students had to work on a medium-scale project in a given location -a guesthouse with private and public spaces- emphasizing on all aspects and phases of the design process: from site analysis, to concept, to spatial implementation, drawings and materials. Throughout the studio students were encouraged to use their own strength, skills and creative ideas, in order to communicate all aspects of the project from concept to drawings.
A special emphasis was given on the concept phase, where students had to work on an abstract idea related to a specific site and translate it into a spatial concept and a successful and realistic project. Narratives were as important as their execution in space where a functional project, accurate drawings and details of the interior concept were adopted. All this in a studio where students’ creativity, skills and personal growth were key to an enriching learning pedagogy.

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