Kaleidoscope/ Eye to another world

katarina ferencikova

Throughout the motion and fragmentation of materials, this dreamy mechanism engages the viewer’s mind, challenges them with ever-changing views, thus providing immense notions and perceptions of beauty.
Project Kaleidoscope is a guesthouse located in Beirut facing the sea near the AUB and creates an unforgettable experience for its visitors. It is the place where neither the visitor nor the structure is in control over this experience; rather, they coincide in symbiosis.
I perceive that viewers are the ones that take responsibility for their perceptions, sensations and experiences by selecting their “observatory.” 
In contrast, the place exhibits multiple ways how to trick the viewer’s mind and thus makes each one’s perception unique. As a result, space offers inviting sensation to the visitor to transport to another reality and dimension. Protruded elements, so-called “observatories” are visually present and clearly define facades of the building as well as the interior space; they provide a direct connection with the outdoor environment and bring natural elements closer. As a result, direct relationship with nature helps to create a serene place that allows its visitors to utilize its potential to the maximum. 

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