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The studio worked on the design of a co-living space in a multi-story urban building situated in the neighborhood of Khandak el Ghamik, in the Bashura district.

Co-living as a form of accommodation that mixes communal facilities with private areas, constituted an opportunity to reflect on the general nature of the threshold. Threshold, between a neighborhood and another, between private and public real, have, as spatial devices, various configurations; they also imply specific codes of behavior, and set of rules that regulate entrances and egresses.

A visit to the site allowed the students to have a firsthand experience of the spatiality of the building, to gain a better understanding of the neighborhood and to meet its inhabitants. A research on the general topic of dwelling was initiated, narrowing on co-living spaces. In each case the students tried to visualize, through diagrams, drawings and models, the (shifting) limit of the public/private boundary(ies).

Based on his (her) findings, each student then proposed a specific program for the site, defined a user group and explored a number of possible layouts. A preliminary study was produced integrating the conceptual approach, the spatial proposal and the graphic representation. This proposal was then developed in a comprehensive set of drawings that documented the interior design project at various scales.

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