catherine hammoud

The project is about an already existing building in Bachoura. It consists of six floors and a rooftop, which we find a continuous void.
I designed a coliving space based for travelling professionals who are working and living in the city for periods. This would be a place for them to quickly get rooted in the city, join inspirational talks and connect with locals. Also adding greenery on all enlarged balconies would emphasize the end-user’s creativity, gives a fun ambiance and induces refreshing feel. The Ground Floor is now one big open floor, designed with greeneries and ponds which gives hope to its gloomy neighborhood. This openness creates a fluidity between both sides of the roads, and becomes the communal Open Garden of Bachoura. Moreover, the rooftop features a greenhouse producing vegetables that can be rent by Bachoura’s neighborhood.
The circulation in the building takes place on both South-Est and South-West. In the interior, public areas on all floors are located towards the north, facing the roads. Whereas the private areas are facing south, facing inner buildings where the noise is minimalized.
All creating a result to a visual interest, unique experience and excitement.

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