hussein dbouk

Beirut consists of more than 18 different religions! 85 parties! Combined with various nationalities. Most of them work, live, and sometimes collapse. Protruding with all kinds of sufferings in order to switch between adaptation and rebellion.
Al-khandaq al-ghamiq (arabic for what may be translated as the deep trench) bachoura was once the front line of the devastating 1975 civil war.The building remains/survives.A history that abandoned hope. The building acts as a ruin partially abandoned. Everything that will be renovated, restored or even demolished will be based on past, present, and future occurrences. Occurrences happened in the past, happening in the present, and will happen in future with time in the milieu. 
The plot will be designed to adapt in order to protrude. To protrude as to stand out.

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