mohammad charafeddine

Bachoura is known as one of the oldest neighborhoods in Beirut, it witnessed the civil war and many urban changes that affected the area and took parts of its geographical borders. Regardless of all the changes, people in the area are still living together.
As part of Al-Bachoura, Khandak Al-Ghamik is an area that got crowded with time, and people arrived from villages to stay there and work in the city. To add to, SOLIDERE was established in 1994, and it took parts of the Bachoura and joined them to the capitalist market as part of their territory.
The main idea in this project is to Integrate this hinge on the corner with its surrounding by making it a Revival Project to the micro-economy, working on Nostalgia and bringing people together like the old days, where toay in Khandak, the youth take care of the elderly.
The goal is to live in a skill sharing program, where elderly share their experience with younger generation to maximize productivity and create a sort of attraction to the area for whoever wants to learn a local craft or business in an intergenerational project.

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