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In this studio each student is required to choose a site and a topic which he (she) will then develop as a design project. Mid-twentieth century modernist buildings triggered off an exploration of the memories embedded in our landscape: Judy el Hassan rediscovered her city through a search for the vanished cinemas of Tripoli, Valérie el Khoury reflected on the dystopic value of abandoned buildings, such as the iconic City Center, the Murr Tower in Beirut, the Oceanographic museum in Batroun or the Niemeyer’s dome also in Tripoli, exploring their potential as public spaces; whereas Miriam Raad imagined a innovation driven program related to the Tesla corporation in the Electricité du Liban building in Saifi, and Lory Mardirossian remodeled a disaffected industrial building in Aamchit into a Spa facility. On another note, Tala Mardelli tackled a contemporary winery in Bezbina with a proposal to inject an airBnb program, Nayri Dahbar studied the early twentieth century L’Orient building where she proposed to house a Hermès foundation, and Lynn Richa revisited the Grand Theatre turning it into a night club. André Assaker rewrote an old lime factory in Alita into an artist hub, while Violette Khoury transformed a traditional house in Ehden into a showcase for local food.

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