joudy el hassan

Between the 1930s-70s cinemas were the only place that gathered all the social classes of Tripoli; out of these 30 cinemas, 10 remain standing, others replaced with lifeless commercial spaces. How will a city’s history be exhibited in a Utopian abandoned site of Rachid Karami International Fair? Heterotopian spaces are a place of otherness, where momentarily one is both in the real world and in the unreal world. The boomerang shaped hall will be divided into vertical strips or units that will be montaged according to the information collected; a spatial montage “cut” already exists due to the eye-shaped skylight on site, with secondary spaces created between the stripes as piazzas. People involved in the project will act both as visitors and as a part of the exhibition through shadow play; as one navigates each cinema strip, he will be in search for hidden fragmented memories that will be displayed.

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