tutor | nada borgi


This studio allows each student to explore an important contemporary theme in interior design, and develop a synthesis in a project of their choice. Particular attention will be drawn in this case on the simultaneous development of design through contemporary representational media. The final project should develop from a critical study that simultaneously addresses the various theoretical and technical aspects of the design within the parameters set for the final project.
On their final design studio, students developed a comprehensive project reflecting their personal interests in relation to interior design. Starting with a design question, a significant site or an intricate program, the project presents the learning outcome over the previous semesters as well as each student’s personal take on designing spaces. Students were encouraged to look beyond the physical aspect and create spaces with meaningful narratives.
This studio focuses on designing for the fellow citizens, whether perceived as individuals or collectives. In the current conditions of the country, reflected in political chaos, social vulnerability and economic limitations, how can interior design create experiences that serve the users and impact the community?  The interior space is both an extension of the exterior as well as a sheltered refuge. Students are invited to revisit the notion of design in the exceptional times of Beirut in 2020.
Throughout the semester, students were highly encouraged to develop their own representation methods. Communicating the spatial experiences with their preferred media (sketches, collages, models…) is the main tool for developing and representing the design process.

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