farah hamdan

THE NOW is a human library, a social hub designed to build a positive framework for conversations that can challenge stereotypes through dialogue.
THE PROGRAM is a cultural hub with the aim to keep us all connected.
THE SPACE allows the visitor to travel in time in contrast to being in the existing heritage into a modernized futuristic one by having an exaggerated internal minimalistic skin.
THE ARCHITECTURAL APPROACH is a vertical intervention of systematic tall concrete shafts that are aesthetically heavy but preserve heritage by ensuring structurally elevated concrete additions from the floor, walls, or lightness in materials such as steel, mesh and glass.
THE EXPERIENTIAL TARGET is to affect the visitor with strong sensations psychologically, spatially whilst moving between dense fabric without being affected by any elements of details; within an exaggerated neutralized environment the user reflects to himself.
Visitors can walk in solitude but still STAY CONNECTED.

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