mohamad darghout

During the 1960s, Hamra Street was the center of intellectual, financial, business, and entertainment activities in Beirut; this project aims to revive this memory through nostalgic stories from the past as being one of Beirut’s most cosmopolitan areas of its modern era. Located in the heart of this street, the recently modernized Loft 29 Residence is one of Hamra’s trendiest buildings with metallic skin on the façades and balconies. The project transforms this building  into a “Promenade in Hamra Through Time”: once inside the elevator, visitors are transported into the past starting from the 5th floor down. The building structure’s complexity integrates the promenadewhile supporting the new slabs; the amount of increasing beams enhanced the chaos of the war period. At the end of the promenade, visitors will be ejected outside into the vibrant present time with a new perspective on Hamra’s past, while embracing its present and future.

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