dana mneimneh

Walking through the city, what first caught my eyes was the difference in the building’s typologies. Studying each building, with the interior composition and light access during different hours of the day, I was able to start reading the buildings through their skin. Looking at the city, we see the many restaurants and educational sectors, from which I decided to have a Guitar factory, a musical instrument that everyone can benefit from (live concerts, music courses ….). Before building, the site’s context should be respected, studying the openings and the room’s functions of the buildings overlooking the site. Starting with a mass, and carving out volumes, and following the idea of reading a building through the elevation, the shape of the factory starts to appear.
The massing will have 3 main entities, a Factory, a Residential building for the workers, and a shop with an outdoor space to perform. Each one of these entities has its own elevation which will let me have a visual connection to the inside, letting us know the inside composition of each room in the living area, or even the type of building (factory, shop, living…). The spatial qualities of each of these spaces differ, whether it’s for the light’s access, room composition or function.humans had to adapt to a new way of living in the Ocean. A new lifestyle emerged on the water and under. The machine is a group of units bundled together through a system of floating decks, jumping boards and water space.
As we dive underwater, we see the units creating a small community, scattered in the ocean, all disconnected but connected, dispersed yet assembled, with submarines swimming around from unit to another, beside the sea creatures, invading their habitat and creating a new one. The ocean turns into a museum, recording traces of the past water levels, units anchored down, counting the new depth of water as water level continues to rise, and machine continues to float.

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