tutor | marwan basmaji


Following the August 4th tragedy in Beirut, many hidden fragments in the narrow back streets of Gemmayze and Mar Mikhail neighborhoods are yet to be collected, resurrected, and their stories remain to be told: this is the case of an old house along Daraj el Fann (St Nicholas stair) squeezed between larger buildings.
This house is the witness, not just of the nostalgic old Beirut, but of the wars and the latest tragedy: what remained there is a ruin surrounded by an in-between spaces that need to be redefined, so to reconnect the house to its context. Various elements can describe the house and its context: the stairway, the abundant greenery, the scale, the material palette, the single car access in this all neighborhood, the stone masonry….
The project consists of a Keeper’s house annexed to this house and located around the house. It will not just be a house: it will hold a 2nd program to be defined by every student, and will steam out of the careful reading of the site, and the narrative that every student will come up with. As there are many ways to read the house in its context, there will also be several reaction to the way what one can propose as a program : artistic, social, agricultural, political, educational, spiritual…

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