tutor | patrick bou khalil


In this design studio we will explore the process of translating ideas into forms, by challenging students to develop their own process of formal interpretation and conceptualization. The term will be structured in 2 parts working on the transition from real to imaginary spaces and vice versa: FROM PARASITE TO PARASITE.

The first project will follow a coherent design process culminating in a small scale residential project with well-defined functions. It will be an introductory exploration, challenging students to a poetic interpretation of space.

The movie Parasite will be used as a starting point for the project. The students will explore how this catalyst can inform a design process encouraging the understanding of spatial qualities, the relationship between spaces, scale, materiality, tectonics, and movement.

By using the first project as a base study, and by developing the acquired techniques in the previous exercises, students are requested to inject a new condition, a new aspect, that will have an impact on the existing structure of the project.

The design process of rethinking and reassembling functions will address a new interpretation of project 1. The parasite will intervene on project 1 and use it to its own end but will also be considered as an architectural intervention that materializes and transforms the built form. A parasitic construction that redefines and reconfigures a built structure and provides a new perspective or orientation to the public and potentially offers a new space.


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