tutor | salim boulos


The studio started with the study of an alleyway as an interstitial space in an urban context. An alleyway chosen by each student was first analyzed, emphasizing on its interior characteristics and its belonging to the urban fabric. Different moments were put forward by the students showcasing the boundary with the city, and highlighting the spatial changes happening throughout the passage. The alleyway was surveyed accentuating the relationship to body scale and proportions of the “interior” space.
For the second exercise, the students worked on a threshold inside the chosen alleyway. The idea of a limit between two spaces -or transitional concepts- were explored. Students had to work on an important threshold based on the study they previously did. In a process starting from the threshold and its main concept, students had to develop a series of drawings and models in order to create a transformable space, or a mechanism that could allow a changing spatial experience and quality.
The final project, raised questions previously explored such as the appropriation of the interstitial space in the way of improvised settlements: how to live in the alleyway? Students had to create their own living space in the negative void of the alleyway and deal with the idea of passage: work around it or cancel it.
For each exercise students had to produce text, visual images and photographs, technical and conceptual drawings, and models in addition to hand made perspectives and axonometric views. (Cover Work by Tala Salam).

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