tutor | vanessa dammous


The theme of the studio revolved around the notion of the Fragment inspired by the impact of the dramatic Beirut Port explosion on the surrounding neighborhoods and the emergence of new fragmented landscapes across the city. Students were invited to explore and analyze different fragments in the city and re-assemble them as a mean to contribute to the reconstruction of personal and collective identities that have been shattered as a result of the explosion.
The semester was structured around two projects:
Unfinished is a theoretical exploration focused on the notion of the Fragment and a quick application of formal and spatial principles on a small-scale architecture. Through a series of tectonic and spatial iterations, the students will learn to observe the transformations and develop a poetic interpretation of the spaces generated.
Prosthesis is a longer exploration through which students will develop a coherent and generative design process culminating in the design of a medium scale project catering for a public program and including well-defined functions. A specific building and a cultural reference will be used as an initial point of departure for the project. The students will explore how this catalyst can inform a spatial idea or design process encouraging, the understanding of spatial qualities, and the relationship between spaces, scale, materiality, tectonics, and movement.

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