tutor | vanessa dammous


In this design studio we explored the process of translating ideas into forms, by challenging students to develop their own process of formal interpretation and conceptualization. The term was structured in 2 parts:
The movie Parasite by Bong Joon-ho (2019) was used as a starting point for the project. The students explored how this catalyst can inform a design process encouraging the understanding of spatial qualities, the relationship between spaces, scale, materiality, tectonics, and movement. The project followed a coherent design process culminating in a small scale residential project with well-defined functions. It was an introductory exploration, challenging students to a poetic interpretation of space.
To unfold the tectonics/structure of a chosen sequence.
To focus on events and how they are depicted through the construction of spatial relations, between people and objects, between people and spaces…
To create drawings that could be translated into architectural possibilities.
To develop an architectural project.
To support the projects with the adequate tools, present complete and coherent drawings, informative and detailed models representing the process of thinking.
In the second project, Architecture without architects by Bernard Rudofsky (1964) was used as a reference.
Taking project one as a base for study, students were then requested to re-invent its relation and interaction with the environment. The Parasite (the new environment) should question the notions of a built structure around climate, sun, heat, light, water, fire, landscape through architectural elements and introduced a new order and hierarchy to project one.

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