tutor | jemma chidiac

Can we design for new living paradigms?

The theme of this studio revolved around the exploration of domestic space through interrogating convention while proposing an everyday life derived from first principles. It also focuses on the notion of ‘Context’ or ‘specific condition of place’ and the role it plays in an architectural design process.
The semester is structured around 2 projects:
ONE ROOM FOR TWO focuses on the exploration of domestic space and a quick application of challenging and questioning rules, conventions and norms that, within a specific cultural context determines a “space of living”. Through exploration of conventions, other rules arise and generate combinations.
THE SYSTEM: HOW CAN WE LIVE TOGETHER? is a longer exploration through which students developed a coherent and generative design process. This exercise aimed at taking the room as the first element of a project for living space questioning housing on completely different terms from the ones inhabitants are infested with. As the rooms replicate, a city made of rooms for individuals or groups of people reflected a conceptual framework developing not only new spatial diagrams, but new social ones.

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