tutor | marcelle el achi


The first exercise focuses on small-scale architecture as an exploration of material properties and structure. Based on the analysis of an architectural Folly, the students were asked to design a place for viewing.
Through its appearance and its spatial qualities, the folly is usually suggestive of other purposes and meanings.
The definition and nature of the viewing place will be enhanced through, along with materiality, structural concept and dialogue with the site.
A site located on the edge of a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea was chosen. The final phase consisted in designing a “VIEWING POINT” based on the precedent analysis and reading of the site.

A Public Library is envisioned in an urban context overlooking the city.
The project looks for a compact and strong image in order to represent a cultural gathering point in the city, hosting an act of communication featured in contemporary Libraries that goes beyond its role of conventional heritage container through its configuration and concept.
At the project’s core is an understanding of space as dynamic and oscillating between private and public social space.
The boundaries imposed are partly permeable and flexible, shifting between the interior and exterior world, giving a new meaning to the surrounding formal composition of the city.
The site is an urban hypothetical site located in a city with two different settings. In both settings, the envelope is flexible where the volume is not adjacent to the buildings since its facades offer an open city view.


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