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Inspired by their Precedent in Project 1 and adapted to fit their interpretation of “How to live together”, students will propose a Living Unit for 2 people. The dimension of this Unit will be within a Volume of 6x6x6 meters. Students will explore different aspects of communal living with a special attention to Private vs. Shared spaces, their possible relations & challenges as well as the possible design solutions.
Students will have the liberty of choosing the Profile of the 2 Inhabitants as long as the implementation of their choice is taken into consideration throughout the Project processes.
With their New “Key Element” for “Living Together” developed in Project 2, Students will choose a hypothetical or existing site (local / abroad) with a set of physical characteristics & environmental specificities to develop their project of communal living. The project is intended for at least 8 people (4 units repeated) and an additional program (shared / public space) that is related to the imagined/ selected site or to the proposed scenario.
The Units disposition will be envisioned as a repetition whether by overlapping units, staggering them, juxtaposing them or placing them clustered around a function or any combination of the above. At this stage of the exercise, various aspects of the Project will be experimented: the spatial relations between the Units (horizontal / Vertical), the circulation between the spaces, the accessibility options, the integration with the chosen site, the envelope interventions, the functions disposition and the basic structural issues.
The whole project will be developed within an envelope of 8x8x24 m and the total built up area will not exceed the 500sqm.

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