tutor | patrick bou khalil


The home is the atomic unit of society. The boundaries of the domestic sphere have always been unstable. By examining the home in detail, we hope to develop less prescriptive and deterministic models of domestic life. The studio focuses on exploring the domestic space through interrogating convention while proposing an everyday life derived from first principles. It also focuses on the notion of ‘Context’ or ‘specific condition of place’ and the role it plays in an architectural design process. The semester will be structured around 2 projects:

In the first project, ONE ROOM FOR TWO, an exploration of domestic space, for two students living together will be pursued. A 9m*9m*9m surface will be assigned. Students are asked to explore the richness of the architectural elements in a living/ working/ eating/ washing/ sleeping condition. Building on the notion of two people can create a space, students will compose, displace, arrange, construct, play and create an ensemble that questions traditional living and allows for a design of a new living paradigm.
In the second project, THE SYSTEM, a specific site in the city will be assigned. The students will investigate existing typologies on site as a mean to better understand the context and propose a project based on a module that is repeated to create a system. The integration of the project on the specific site will call for a readjustment of the system and a unique and more specific new massing.

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