tutor | salim boulos


The semester was built around three continuous projects. The first project consisted of a precedent analysis: students had to analyze a renowned house by an eminent architect. A thorough analysis of all aspects of the project led to the elaboration of key ideas.
The second project was a living unit for two. The students had to initiate the launching of their projects with a key idea previously highlighted. A strong scenario based on new paradigms and two personas were created. These parameters constituted a theoretical background that shaped the base of their conception of a unit for living for two. The unit size was pre-defined with constraints of height. Minimal protrusions outside the envelope were allowed, justified by the concept.
The final project consisted of an iteration of the previously conceived unit up to four times, to create a communal living for eight. The resulting combination resulted in the creation of a shared space. Each student chose following a more advanced scenario, a strong context or site, real or imaginary. The implementation of the iteration also led to a transformation of the repeated units, triggered by the different scenarios put in place. The students had to give strong architecture solutions regarding the context chosen, but also solve the basic notions of access, circulation and functionality, while sustaining their key ideas. As a result of the whole process, notions of materiality, finishing and furniture, under the initial concept, were developed ultimately as the culmination of the project.

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