tutor | vanessa dammous


The studio focused on the interdependent relationship between the massing of a project and its smallest component, the unit. It also focused on the notion of ‘context’ or ‘specific condition of place’ and the role it plays in an architectural design process.
In both projects, precedents were proposed for their relevance to the exercises and students were asked to analyze the essence of these projects and reinvest their fundamental principles into the design process.
A virtual 9mx9m surface was assigned for an exploration of domestic space. Students were asked to explore each 3mx3m module as a living/ working/ eating/ washing/ sleeping…for two. Building on the notion that two people can create a space, students composed, displaced, arranged, constructed, played and created an ensemble that questions traditional living and allows for a design of a new living paradigm. Students started by analyzing projects and drawings by architect John Hejduk.
Project 2: THE SYSTEM
In the second project, students investigated existing typologies in Karm-el-Zeitoun as a mean to better understand the context and propose a project based on a module that is repeated 6 times to create a system. The integration of the project on the specific site called for a readjustment of the unit design. Taking the room as the first element of a project for living space allowed us to see the question of housing on completely different terms re-discussing and challenging the idea of what is public and what is private. The system was based on the analysis of various precedents.

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