tutor | mustapha saleh


Life in Lebanon has never been more difficult since the country’s independence in 1943.Throughout the many internally and/or externally instigated wars and hardships that the Lebanese population had to survive, life continued at times under security threats, political uncertainty, economic instability, or infrastructural failure. However, no previous period matches the current situation where all of these constraints have coalesced and were exacerbated by the explosion in the port of Beirut on the 4th of August, 2020, which devastated the city and extended its repercussions on the country as a whole.
In addition, The Lebanese, like the rest of the world had also to deal with the global pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) which among the many existential questions it has raised pertaining to humanity’s experience on earth, the issue of the impact our practices and the spaces that we build on nature and our social interactions is of utmost importance.
Some of these questions are not new as environmentally conscious activists and organizations have been calling for more sustainable human practices on many levels primarily in the construction industry, regarded as one of the main contributors to environmental damage consuming a large volume of energy and emitting various pollutants.
Beside continuous progress made through building technology (innovative materials and systems), architects and planners have had to deal strategically with issues of design dealing with urban and/or rural development. Planning and designing in cities, suburbs, towns and villages are being requestioned along environmental lines. Sustainable design has reopened discussions on what it means to be environmentally friendly. Notions of density, adaptive re- use, passive systems and self-sufficiency to mention a few, are at the heart of design processes globally and should be crucially considered locally given the unprecedented situation that our country is going through.
Hence, Design V will tackle the above-mentioned concerns with varying foci either through reconsidering design and life in cities or by promoting interventions outside of these based on specific speculations.

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