tutor | ali shehade


The semester will be dedicated to the design of a workplace for an NGO whose area of intervention includes culture and art practices.
For this purpose, the studio will take as a site of intervention, a house with a historical background, located in the old city in Tripoli.
Tripoli is one of the Mediterranean’s most interesting cities. It is house for a wide array of cultural heritage and social structures, that have been lately neglected, unfortunately.
Students intervene on the ruins of what used to be the notorious Qasr Chahine, in the center of Tripoli’s historic center, neighboring a number of ancient cultural remains of several eras. Although in ruin, Qasr Chahine still stands as witness and an embodiment of the city’s rich and eloquent culture and taste for the arts and architecture. As such a central site lies close to the crowded old souks of the old city center and the numerous touristic sites in its vicinity, an adaptive reuse project of this building must be an adequate process of transformation.
As a point of departure, students work closely– on a virtual project–with a real client. Your client will be one of the NGO’s. The project’s scope is to transform Qasr Chahine into the chosen NGO’s headquarters. You will notice that most of the organizations in the list are commonly involved in the arts, culture, and heritage. So as students approach your very particular site, and vicinity, they are encouraged to think about this NGO’s social and cultural impact in its new headquarters that they are to design. Remember that today’s offices are no longer just a set of cubicles or desks.
In this studio, students tackle and deal with a multitude of spaces and space functions, ranging from traditional offices, to interactive meeting rooms, contemporary workshops, gallery spaces, merchandise, etc.

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