tutor | hicham bou akl


The economic crisis opened a new debate at the heart of the cultural and artistic milieu in Beirut: Relationship to art and culture is to be reconsidered. Main cultural associations in Lebanon, ( Zouak, theatre company, Ashkal Alwan, The Lebanese Association for Plastic Arts, Beirut DC, Arab Foundation for Image) are facing today a new economic and social situation due to the profound crisis the country is passing through. They are considering the possibility of merging their activities in one building symbolizing their new shift and allowing more sustainability in the management of their activities. In addition to this practical issue, the role of art and culture as well as the whole relation between art and the city (meaning the public) is to be radically reconsidered after the economic collapse and the 4th of August blast. The project is approached as a complex device that responds to simultaneous systems, and not as a choice of formal composition or a personal desire developed in a linear way. Students have to start by discarding the desire for visual shape in order to create (or discover) new adapted forms.

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