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This studio addresses the importance of designing a way of living around the newly emerged circumstances that challenged us to reconsider the habitual practices performed in interior spaces. A comprehensive approach to creating an environment that immerses the user in a spatial experience through a careful consideration of program analysis.
As an object of intervention “Dar El Nimr”, a building in the city, that has a story of successive remodeling was chosen as a site to be envisioned in new ways transforming its interior spaces. The design process will start by the reading of the space and will progress to exploring different means and tools of representation that expresses the student’s intention according to functional program and site specification.
Parameters such as spatial configuration, program of mutable functions, material choices, color palettes, furniture selection, as well as solar exposure and lighting conditions drove the thinking process to transform conceptual ideas into functional spaces. An emphasis on the interior volumetric configuration that impacts the vertical and the horizontal circulation as well as the sequence of movement of the inhabitants within and across functions were also taken into practice.

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