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This studio tackles the importance of designing a workplace from the perspectives of people’s routines and habitual practices that betters their performance and productivity. An inclusive tactic to creating a hub that elevates the user’s spatial and emotional experience through a careful consideration of program analysis.
Parameters such as spatial configuration, program of mutable functions, material choices, color palettes, furniture selection, as well as solar exposure and lighting conditions drove the thinking process to transform conceptual ideas into functional spaces.
A house with a historical background, located in the old city in Tripoli, is the site of intervention for designing an NGO workplace that includes culture and art practices. The design process will start by the reading of the space and will progress to exploring different means and tools of representation for possible interventions, varying from a “clean slate” approach to a rigorous historical reconstitution. Design decisions of what to keep and what to erase, what to selectively add or remove, in accord with the nature of the space, the program requirements and the designer’s own intent or inclination.

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