tutor | hicham bou akl


Due to the economic crisis and the explosion of August 4th, a fundamental questioning of the role of art and the artist arose. Cultural and artistic institutions and associations seek to redefine their roles and that of their artistic practices in society. A need for immediacy, for direct intervention in society has emerged. Meetings, debates, workshops for research, reflection and formulation of ideas were organized spontaneously in various spaces in the city of Beirut. A new need emerged; the creation of a popular artistic space, i.e. open to the people where art joins the event. The project consists of proposing this new program and designing its architecture.
The main function is a visual art museum that shall integrate architecture and the city with a cultural focus and destination. The project is proposed, not only as a contribution to the surrounding community, but as a platform for artists, a space for collaboration with other institutions and a place that attracts a large national, providing new opportunities for the development and dissemination of visual art.

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