tutor | issam barhouche


Following the Lebanese crisis that started a year ago, it became evident for all that our economic model based on 90% of import and 10% of export cannot survive anymore.
All the Lebanese society is starting today to revive all the local resources available in the country, which most of them were forgotten or ignored.
Branding “Made in Lebanon “is starting to be a major driver in our economy, much more than simple marketing approach.
Following this theme, the Studio was structured along series of analysis and researches based on 3 different milestones.
Milestone 1:
Students defined the major trades related to “Made in Lebanon” in different fields such as: Food, Construction material, Arts and Crafts, Technology, Fashion, Health care …
Milestone 2:
One trade was selected as major driver for architecture development. The research of each student focused on all the aspects related to this driver by developing a strategy for the entire chain of manufacturing process. A business model was presented also.
Milestone 3:
Student created an architecture program/project based on the needs related to this business model that included and exhibition place to showcase the selected Made In Lebanon product, along to a learning center, a shopping place, a workshop and more.

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