tutor | joseph kiprianos


The project lays on rue Gouraud main street that stretches horizontally and holds a narrow pathway with different functions on each side. We spot various building typologies on the street that could help understand and tackle the common alterations used. Visual connection between the spaces can be found since all functions stand as modular with direct interactions. Each space holds an identity, for this reason, while visiting the spaces located on that particular street one can experience different alterations. The street stretches between two districts and acts as a ramp connecting two side. The question here is how can we design for inclusivity? How can we design a mixed-use project that targets the needs of this community post-blast? What lessons can we learn from said typologies and how can we intertwine them so inseparably that they become one harmonious project that can: house, generate, educate and inspire? Each student will go on a quest to find creative strategies and design solutions that will profit the community.
Based on the research and analysis, students must develop a program to serve the Gemmayze community, with a maximum built-up of 1,100 m2 in a site located on Gouraud Street. After the physical assessment of the site conditions, students went to research the standards which set out the basis of such projects. Gemmayze Housing Plus was the project born following site analysis, full understanding of precedents, and exposure to relevant codes. Along with a required family house and two studios, the student were able to explore the commercial/residential juxtaposition and propose a functional program diagram that became the foundation of any design decision, formulating design concepts that integrates structure, egress and electromechanical aspects in the architectural outcome.

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