tutor | ali shehade


Since October 2019, a series of events have unfolded continuously and changed the everyday life in Beirut. The extreme financial crisis in Lebanon, the coronavirus widespread and the most recent terrible blast at the harbour of Beirut have changed life as we know it. These life changing circumstances have similarly affected all generations.
In this studio we will concentrate on the life of the “Millennials” especially in Beirut that have suffered significant disruption in their social, cultural, economic and educational life. These new rising challenges are shaping the millenials new living conditions with remote learning, remote working and remote socializing and will certainly find new manifestations in new architectural spaces.
This studio will concentrate on addressing issues of contemporary interiors responding to the implications of the latest cultural, social and educational essentials of the young generation. We will research possible new mixed used facilities, collective forms of learning, working and socialization in the everyday neighborhoods of the city.
How will our cultural spaces transform and evolve to meet with today’s shifts and challenges?

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