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Building for refugees or IDP- Internally Displaced Person

The explosion that took place on August 4th caused extensive damage in the three areas of Carantina, Mar Mekhkael and Gemmayzeh. The surviving inhabitants of the three zones (at least) find themselves homeless for a certain period necessary for the rehabilitation of their existing houses. The project consists of offering an emergency housing building for these displaced persons on a plot in their own neighborhood. This project is the occasion to reconsider the housing typology radically, to propose a new way of living, of sharing spaces. In addition, IDP building must have an exceptional character and a symbolic dimension to be up to the event that produced it. We will call this project: IDP monument.
Program: a hyper-dense building able to accommodate families Basic program: Flexible housing units
Additional program: Students should propose additional program according to their research.
Typology: A type could acquire a certain autonomy in its relation to the program, having a symbolic dimension or offering more flexibility to adapt continuously to the urban and programmatic transformations.
City:The presence of the refugees in the heart of their neighborhood is essential. It is an occasion for them to be part of the social solidarity taking place in the area. On the other hand, due to the blast, we can assert that the continuity of the urban fabric has been brutally broken throw a violent event of destruction. It is the moment to propose a shift in making the city. This building is a landmark, a statement about discontinuity, and a memorial of the murderous explosion.

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